Your beer and your brewing reputation are on the line

Are you using the right brewing cleaners and sanitizers?
You can choose the choicest hops, the most exotic yeasts and invest in all the state-of-the-art equipment you can find. Without the right chemicals and the right cleaning techniques, micro-organisms will find a way to wreck your batch.

That's where Craft Meister comes in.
We produce high quality brewing equipment cleaners and sanitizers for home brewers and professionals.  Developed by the experts at National Chemicals, Inc., our brewing supplies help ensure that your batches come out right every time.

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What our Customers are saying...

"Rhodell Brewery has been using Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash since it was first introduced. We have found that it has excellent cleaning properties for our brewing equipment. It easily disintegrates fermentation residue and allows us to move on to the sanitation phase with complete confidence. The brewery uses the product within the CIP phase for cleaning stainless steel lines and transfer hoses with complete success. I would recommend this product to any brewery operation."

Mark, John S. Rhodell Brewery, Illinois

"Not often does a product come along that not only delivers above expectations but does it at lower cost. Craft Meister Oxygen Wash is just such a product. I should have known it would, since BTF Iodophor also outperforms the competition and at a good price. Happiness is a clean keg. Nirvana is an easily cleaned keg!"

Michael, Old Hangtown Beer Works, California

"Craft Meister Oxygen Brewery Wash works perfectly. I have worked with other sodium percarbonate products before and this just works better. The solution never clouds, not even in hard water so there is never a residue."

Russ, Carlos Creek Winery, Minnesota

"As a home brew store manager, I have used just about every product and method available for proper sanitization. In our store, BTF Iodophor clearly outsells the competition and it is the only product I use when I brew. It is safe, easy to use, and the ultra concentrated formula really helps stretch your dollar."

Joe, Brewers Art Supply, Indiana

"Craftmeister is now my cleaner of choice! Sure, it costs more than Oxiclean, but it's cheaper than PBW and more effective and easier to use than either. Between the fast and easy dissolving and rinsing and the amazingly effective cleaning power, it's worth every cent of what it costs. Try it!"

Denny Conn, homebrewer

"Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash is strong and consistent. Whether you are cleaning kegs or buckets, it takes off grime, discoloration, krausen ring, and labels. Craft Meister Oxygen Brewery Wash is more effective at a lower temp than comparable products. You can see it foaming up when it comes in contact with dirt. When cleaning clogged plate chillers, the hop trub and other proteins just foam out."

John, Free Will Brewing Company/ Keystone Homebrew Supply, Pennsylvania

"We use Craft Meister to clean our tanks (stainless and polyethylene), bottles, pump, bottling equipment, and even the floor. It keeps our equipment squeaky clean, without the odor and caustic effects of other cleaners. No scrubbing – it comes clean with a single rinse. I don’t even need to wear gloves."

Eric, Oz Winery, Kansas

"Easily the best brew cleaning products I have used, period. I have converted four of my brew friends to Craft Meister products. They just rock. They are the perfect balance between getting the job done and not being too harsh - they never tear up my equipment."

Brian, Homebrewer

"Craft Meister Alkaline Wash falls into solution much more quickly and completely than similar products. It cleans completely and quickly, is cost effective, and convenient to use. Because of its cost effectiveness and quality, it is the only cleaning product I brew with."

Dave, Homebrewer

"I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but now I am hooked! I used Craft Meister Alkaline Wash to clean a glass carboy that had been used as a primary fermentor. I was absolutely shocked to see the krausen build-up literally sliding down the side of the carboy after only 15-20 minutes of soaking."

Joe, Homebrewer

"Thank you for letting me try out the Craft Meister Oxygen Brewery Wash. That stuff works very well. This product made the bottom of my brew kettle sparkle – cleaning off twelve years of brewing time. My growler had a crud line from last year but your Oxygen Wash removed it and the growler was sparkling clean. Bottom line: I found Craft Meister Oxygen Wash very impressive. It cleaned my equipment better than I can... and I felt I was doing a good job!"

Mark, Homebrewer

"Craft Meister brewery wash works great in our brewery for our automatic keg washer and for our brew kettle, fermentors, and general cleaning efforts. We also use BTF Iodophor for sanitizing and it works great too."

Jeremy, Bat Creek Brewery, Missouri

"I was amazed at how the kreuzen gunk melted off the side of the glass! Within just a few minutes, the gunk was gone without any agitation."